Saxony Becomes Lower Saxony

While Glashütte’s watch industry lay in ruins after the end of the war in 1945, Dr. Ernst Kurtz made what was nearly impossible possible.

With untiring entrepreneurial spirit, he continued watch production in Memmelsdorf in the vein of his uncompromising philosophy of quality together with former employees from Glashütte.

In 1951 Kurtz relocated the production to Ganderkesee, high in Germany’s north, in the state of Lower Saxony. A generation of watch technicians educated according to strict Glashütte principles had meanwhile matured: Nurofa, Norddeutsche Uhren-Rohwerkefabrik, was created. For the distribution of its products, a company called Tutima Uhren was created. Thus, the tradition-rich name Tutima continued the brand’s history in Lower Saxony without interruption.