A Classic: The Legendary Tutima Flieger Chronograph

From the air, many things seem much different, and perhaps even better. Only when it must face the challenges for which it was made can a pilot’s watch prove itself. In an era long before the development of computer-controlled cockpits, the quality of a pilot’s watch was often a life-or-death issue.

Many watches emerging from the history of aviation became indispensable companions, but only few became classics. One of these legendary classics is the Tutima pilot’s chronograph from the 1940s with its characteristic appearance including a fluted rotating bezel with red reference point, a high-contrast luminous dial, and striking luminous hands.

In 1945, Russian troops ensured an abrupt end to production. Pilots still in possession of one of the pilot’s watches guarded them as one would an exceptional piece of technology – and a sought-after timepiece in collector’s circles.

The Tutima pilot’s chronograph is a watch with great history and future. The current Grand Flieger line by Tutima Glashütte/Sa. will be a high flyer in 2013, combining modern technology with the style elements of a legend.

The details makes the difference