Posted in April 2013

Tutima. Partner in Aeronautics.

The German Aero Club and the Tutima Award of the Skies.

Tutima has partnered the German Aero Club since 2004, the umbrella association for aerial sportsmen, whose members include some 11,000 motored pilots. Thanks to Tutima’s sponsorship, these skilled pilots have access to optimum training opportunities and can perform in both national and international competitions.

The high standards of motor-powered flight championships demand ambition, discipline, and strict training of the contestants. Man and material have to deliver top performance. Those shooting to be among the leaders of such competitions cannot afford even the slightest inattention.

The competition for the Tutima Award of the Skies was first held in cooperation with the German Aero Club in 2009. Top German pilots tested their skills in three disciplines at Dessau’s airfield: aerobatics, navigation flying, and helicopter flying.

At the airfield where the famous JU 52 was once built, spectators and jury were witness to an amazing display of top-class motor-powered aviation.