Welcome to the Tutima family.
Win a vintage chronograph.

Every Tutima is part of a family. For years and years, we have been going to the limit for those who know no limits. It is this vision that continues to inspire us to this day to build flieger chronographs to the highest standards.

The Tutima chronograph from the 1940s was the first German chronograph with additive stopping and the flyback function. And thanks to its reliability, it quickly became a legend.
In celebration of our 90th anniversary, a truly special heirloom of our family’s was given away in a lottery. With the purchase of a new Tutima between December 1, 2017, and January 31, 2018, you had the chance to win an original Tutima flieger chronograph from the 1940s. A true collector’s item with a current collector’s value of ca. 8,000 euro.

The lottery has now ended. A heartfelt thank you for your enthusiastic participation, and we hope to see you again at one of our authorized specialty retailers near you.