Posted in April 2013

The Tutima Academy of Aviation Safety

How do you turn a good pilot into an excellent pilot? By consistently supporting him in his quest to perfect his aeronautical techniques. Or by giving him special training sessions destined to turn him into an aerobatic hero.

The Tutima Academy of Aviation Safety underscores Tutima’s uncompromising demand for top performance, which simultaneously expresses the company’s great commitment to aviation. The Tutima Academy of Aviation Safety in King City, California, was founded in conjunction with Sean D. Tucker in 2006. It constitutes one of the highlights of Tutima’s more than ten years of cooperation with the U.S. aerobatics legend as part of Tutima’s sponsoring activities.

The world’s foremost training institute for precision flying gives pilots the opportunity to train with leading American flight instructors — and, what’s more, to do so in a unique training environment. Located directly on the Pacific coast, King City boasts what is probably the best weather for aviation anywhere in the USA. This is where the Academy is located, right underneath its own “aerobatics box” — airspace reserved exclusively for the Academy’s training flights.

As the first training institute for precision flying anywhere in the world, the Tutima Academy of Aviation Safety offers a wide variety of training programs ranging from advanced flight training to aviation safety training and continuing right through to breathtaking aerobatics maneuvers at top international competition level.

Pilots from all over the globe, beginners as well as professionals, have perfected their aviation skills here at the Tutima Academy. Graduates include numerous airline and military pilots as well as aces performing in major air shows.