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Master Every Moment.

Forged with a pioneering spirit, the Flieger collection represents a perfect synthesis of Tutima Glashütte’s tradition in precision engineering and modern design, now enhanced by the cutting-edge Titanium Grade 5 in the new Flieger Legacy series. Every second counts.

Crafted for pioneers.

The Flieger collection is inspired by the boundless skies and embodies a commitment to excellence, now further elevated by the new Flieger Legacy series with its use of cutting-edge Titanium Grade 5. This high-tech metal is about 40% lighter than steel, hypoallergenic, antimagnetic, highly scratch-resistant, and exceptionally durable against corrosion and environmental elements, making it ideal for both aviation and everyday adventures.

These watches are designed to support the ambitions of those who redefine boundaries. Equipped with robust movements and meticulously crafted for maximum readability and resilience, Flieger watches are built to accompany pioneers both in the skies and on the ground. Whether crossing time zones or ticking tasks off your list, the Flieger offers unmatched reliability and style. Its sturdy construction and elegant lines make it ideal for those who rely on precision and embrace challenges as part of their daily journey.

The Flieger represents a legacy of precision and pioneering spirit; they are more than a watch – they are a declaration of independence and strength.