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For men who feel at home where the air gets thinner.

Uncompromising functionality and absolute reliability are the basic principles of a professional timing instrument. The NATO chronograph by Tutima, developed in 1984 and the official service watch of the German army’s pilots to this day, has outstandingly proven itself in global use for decades. Now the M2 arrives to continue this classic timepiece’s success story. We have made several improvements that will not only profit professional users but also sporty, active amateurs.

M2 M2 Seven Seas M2 Coastline

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Nothing can rattle it.

Good legibility, reliable functionality, high comfort level and water resistance, a large sweep minute counter, pressure-resistant for use to 15,000 meters above sea level, and shockproofed for blows, vibrations, and acceleration up to 7 g in all directions: these are the enormous prerequisites that the procurement office and forces alike put upon the Tutima NATO chronograph in 1984.

Our reedition, the M2, even surpasses these prerequisites. In the classic from 1984, Swiss caliber Lémania 5100 kept the time. Since this is no longer in production, we have integrated our own caliber Tutima 521 into the M2. It is protected by a pure titanium case pressure-proofed to 30 atm including a strong sapphire crystal coated with anti-reflective treatment and an additional casing of mu-metal. This nickel-iron alloy binds magnetic field streams so that they do not even reach the movement. The integrated push buttons are furnished with grooved neoprene inlays.

The hour counter has its own scale. The less often consulted display of running seconds and 24 hours modestly step out of the limelight. The time and chronograph hands as well as the hour markers are coated with luminous Super-LumiNova. This ensures good legibility, even under adverse lighting conditions. The Pioneer model variation additionally contains a nonslip rotating bezel with 14 luminous capsules so that set time intervals are easily recognizable even in full darkness.

This model comes on a titanium link bracelet with folding clasp. The box that the M2 titanium bracelet model is delivered in additionally contains a Kevlar weave strap as well as a tool set for changing the strap.

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The titanium watch built to cope with the toughest challenges.

This wristwatch is every bit as strong as its predecessor. With each successive mission that it successfully completes, the M2 Seven Seas adds another chapter to the success story begun by the traditional Tutima Military Chronograph.

The Seven Seas encases caliber T 330, a self-winding movement ennobled with Tutima rotor in antique grey with 750 gold seal. In addition to a date display, this movement also powers a day-of-the-week indicator.

With a case made of pure titanium and a 3mm-thick sapphire crystal, a screwed crown and a screwed back, the Seven Seas has proven itself able to readily withstand extremely high pressures up to 50 bar. This extraordinary robustness means that the Seven Seas is predestined for sporty adventures on the world’s oceans. The sapphire crystal is antireflective to assure maximal legibility.

The readily grasped bezel is rotatable in only one direction, thus pre-empting the potentially fatal error of inadvertently lengthening the intended dive time. As an alternative to the tough titanium bracelet, the sturdy Kevlar strap is highly resistant. Its inner surface and its seam perfectly match the colour scheme of the watch, which is available with either a deep blue or matt black dial.

With the new M2 Seven Seas, Tutima once again accepts the challenges of the high seas. Thanks to many years of dedication to water sports, Tutima knows from experience that a watch must be immediately convincing–and not only superficially so.

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Logically Edgeless

The M2 model family from the Glashütte-based manufacture welcomes a new member. The sporty and straight Tutima M2 Coastline is built to cope with rough conditions on land and at sea.

Like the M2 and the M2 Seven Seas, the new M2 Coastline is distinguished by the same robustness and reliability that assured the success of its role model, the Tutima Military Chronograph from 1984.

From the 43-mm case to the linked bracelet, the M2 Coast- line is fabricated from pure titanium, which assures that the watch is both extremely lightweight and highly resistant. The case of this three-handed watch can easily cope with pressures up to 30 bar and contains self-winding Calibre T330, which animates a date display and a day-of-the-week indicator.

The new M2 Coastline presents itself as a sporty wristwatch without corners or edges. Nothing detracts from this watch’s operational readiness. Protruding parts have been deliberately avoided – another time-honoured trait of the high-performance M2 line.

As a longstanding partner of the sport of sailing and as spon- sor of the Tutima racing yacht, the brand again launches a wristwatch that fully does justice to the high standards of sportily active amateurs and professional users.