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Minute Repeater
The Queen of Complications.

Dreams sound good. Especially when they come true. The HOMMAGE Minute Repeater with its acoustic time signal is the most exclusive and demanding watch that Tutima has ever built. About three years of development, the highest level of complication, and value from the best watchmakers, who perfectly finish it with the greatest care: the HOMMAGE, limited to just 25 pieces is the symbol of melodious skill. Upon activating the slide, two gongs create an acoustic signal that relays the time precisely to the minute.

Perfection that you can hear.

A melodious premiere in Glashütte: the long watch tradition of Glashütte reached a climax with the introduction of the Tutima HOMMAGE Minute Repeater. More than 550 filigreed precision components in the movement alone join together in perfect harmony.

Their successful interplay is the result of long, painstaking adjustment work that not only influences the mechanical and kinetic motion but also the acoustic elements like the two gong springs and the hammers. Four of the total of 42 jewels are set in screw-mounted gold chatons; all levers, springs, rakes, and cams are studiously beveled by hand. Both black-polished hammers count the hours, quarter hours, and minutes that have passed in the rhythm of the repeater.

The special skill with which our watchmaker team worked has been recognized the world over. In 2013, the HOMMAGE even won the sought-after Couture Time Award in the USA for its exceptional fine mechanics. There will only be 25 examples of the repeater, which is limited to 20 pieces in rose gold and 5 in platinum.