Nothing Can Shock It

Uncompromising functionality and absolute reliability are the base values of a professional timekeeping instrument. The NATO chronograph by Tutima, the official watch of the German army, has proved itself outstandingly during missions across the globe for decades. Now comes the M2, destined to continue this success story. The solid titanium case with an extra-strong sapphire crystal and screw-down case back protects the mechanical movement from shock, dust and moisture – and now even from strong magnetic influence.

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New Inner Values

The effects of magnetic fields on the rate precision of a mechanical movement can be devastating, to put it mildly. In order to rule out its influence right from the start, the chronograph movement of the new M2 is surrounded by a combination of soft iron and mu-metal, a magnetically soft nickel-iron alloy. In terms of movement technology, the M2 also completes a generational shift. Contrary to the previous generation, which was outfitted with Lémania Caliber 5100, a Tutima Caliber 521 ticks within the M2. The reconstruction of the dial train creating an easily legible sweep minute counter – as has been the case with the previous generation for decades – is a proprietary Tutima development. Additionally, the arrangement leaves room for the 24-hour display as with the Lémania 5100, offering the wearer valuable orientation aid during missions lasting days, under water or even in space.

Reliable Functionality

Legibility and user-friendliness are two elements that topped the M2 developers’ functional specification document. The hour and minute hands as well as the hour markers are inlaid with strong luminescent material, and the red tips of the chronograph hands also gleam for a long time after the light source has vanished in the dark.

The non-slip rotating bezel of the Pioneer model variation is outfitted with compactly fitted glass luminescent capsules and a large reference marker at the 12 o’clock position, which allows it to be read off even in full darkness. There is hardly a thing to improve on the functionality of the screw-in crown and the large buttons integrated into the case, which the M2 has inherited from its predecessor – however the chronograph buttons have indeed been improved with the addition of a non-slip, ribbed rubber surface. The case back made of light titanium, like the case, is decorated with the silhouette of an aerobatic double-decker plane and ensures that it is reliably water-resistant to withstand a pressure of 30 bar (300 meters). Both M2 model variations are available with a choice of titanium link bracelet or a leather strap secured to the case in a form-fitting manner.